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Breakwater Books   August 22nd
on the 
Guilford Green
to celebrate
Taste the Shoreline
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Children’s Story Time!

Tuesdays 11:30 - Noon

Ages 3 and older


Breakwater Books, an independent bookstore located on the historic Guilford Green, has been assisting generations of readers since 1972. We carry a wide selection of adult and children's books, as well as journals, calendars, and unique note cards.

Book signings are occasionally held on Saturday afternoons, which we announce on our website and in the Guilford Courier. 

Our staff favorites are recommended online rather than distracting your browsing pleasure with shelf cards, but our staff is very well read and opinionated should you need assistance with your selections. 

If you don't see what you are looking for we will special order, most books being available in a day or two.  We do not monitor your purchases in any way except to offer a free "Book Lover's" card, which is stamped for every $20.00 you spend to be used toward a $10.00 discount when the card is filled. 

Our only policy is to keep the store simple, a formula that has served us well for 40 years.

Happy Reading!

Maureen Corcoran, Owner